Recently New Jersey Friends of Clearwater received an earnest letter from a kindred spirit from Oregon who told of how the NJFC website helped his daughter Addison research her school project. I'll let his words convey the importance of organizations like Clearwater in educating our children.

My name is John. My 9 year old daughter has recently become really passionate about our family reducing its carbon footprint and marine life conservation so she's doing her final school project on plastic pollution. We came across your page during our research and it's been so helpful! It really helped us out on her project and we'll definitely be saving it for future projects.

My daughter wanted me to send you this article about plastic pollution in our oceans. She really wants people to be aware of how their single use plastic is changing our oceans and she thought it was interesting so maybe you would too. It would definitely make her day if you added it to your website. Let me know if you do so I can show her!

Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend,


Please click the link below to see what John's daughter wanted us all to read, and if you want to do further research on this topic with the links listed within that article:

Clearwater has done much in our 44 years of existence to fight this problem with other like minded organizations. Our members include a climatologist whose work at the University of  Hawaii helped to identify and quantify the massive plastic morass to his north. We must all work together to fight this insanity. This topic will be this year's Clearwater Festival theme .

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