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Around The Food Web and Our Part in It

While the TEF's target audience are grades 2 through 6, the NJFC educators—working with local curriculum advisors—have tailored the curriculum to accommodate older and younger audiences. 

Traveling Environmental Festival

Educator Pages

New Jersey Friend's of Clearwater (NJFC) Traveling Environmental Festival (TEF) is our key educational tool for children of all ages.  While modeled after Clearwater's Classroom of the Waves, NJFC has adapted the concept to create the TEF, first presented in 1994.
TEF brings the hands-on shipboard stations to the classroom and youth organizations at a fraction of the cost of the shipboard experience thereby enabling NJFC to reach a broader audience all year round.  It is a self-contained, portable (stored in its own trailer) educational classroom that can be set up in an auditorium, classroom, or outdoor venue.
The TEF is comprised of its Introduction, its five stations, and Closing. The stations presented as well as the timeframe of the engagement can be tailored to suit  the targeted topic, audience, and the available teaching resources.

  • Food Web/Chain
  • Plankton Station
  • Life in the Water
  • Watershed Model—EnviroScape
  • Water Testing

As illustrated below, after the Introduction, the class of students is divided into smaller groups assigned to each of the stations.  After the allotted time period, the groups rotate to the next station until all stations have been visited. They are then reassembled and presented a skit, a singalong, and/or discussion which summarizes and reinforces their TEF educational experience.

In the sailing season, we use our sailboat Adam Hyler and augment its limited size by presenting at bay and riversides, such as Keyport and Red Bank or anywhere you choose.For more information about the Traveling Environmental Festival, please refer to our brochure, curriculum, and Powerpoint presentation outline.

Play the eTEF Game

Traveling Environmental Festival (TEF)--Contacts
For more information on bringing the TEF into your School, Scout Troop, or Organization, please contact:

Ed Dlugosz - edlugosz@verizon.net or info@njclearwater.org
Jack Charlton - bjcharlton2@gmail.com

Please look at our brochures, PowerPoint presentation, lesson plans, or take an exciting, virtual tour at our electronic TEF (eTEF) link (Broadband service required).  While our standard TEF is target for 2nd through 6th grades, all lessons can be tailored for your organization for grades 2-12.

Play the eTEF Game

[Note:  For eTEF, you may need a downloadable application to display the Flash animation programming used in eTEF.  A free trial version can be downloaded from the following link:   Macromedia Flash Application
It is an Adobe product and is almost a necessity for any new website viewing. It is safe and from a reputable website.]

TEF in Dynamic Motion--All Hands On

TEF in Dynamic Motion--All Hands On