President: Chrissie Goedkoop 

Vice President: Ingrid Heldt

Treasurer: Lynn Humphrey

Secretaries: Andrea Spinelli and Catherine Sweeney

Board of Directors

Ben Forest

Chrissie Goedkoop

Jeni Goedkoop

Sue Goedkoop

Ingrid Heldt

Lynn Humphrey

Pam Lambertson

Angus McDougald

Brian Ostering 

Isis Ra 

Luisa Sala

Andrea Spinelli

Catherine Sweeney

President Emeritus

Ed Dlugosz

Activity Leads 

Ben Forest - Environmental Policy

Chrissie Goedkoop - Festival

Lynn Humphrey – Membership/Volunteers

Wayne DeVilbis - Environmental Sail Program 

Ingrid Heldt - Circle of Song (COS) 

Brian Ostering – Entertainment

Cathy Sweeney – Publicity/Media

Andrea Spinelli - Fundraising

As stated in Article XV, Section 1 of our governing By-Laws, regarding Affirmative Action: New Jersey Friends of Clearwater will comply with all appropriate State and Federal requirements pertaining to non- discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, age, or sex.